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1 / How long is the burn time on your candle?

6 oz. Candle: 27-30 hours

8 oz. Candle: 35-40 hours

16 oz. Candle: 71- 75 hours

2 / How long will it take to receive my candle?

Please allow 5-7 business days for production & processing. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.

3 / Why is soy wax better than other options?

Soy wax burns cleaner than other options with 98% less black soot. It burns cooler than paraffin wax and last three times longer. Soy wax allows for a better scent throw and cleans up easily with soap and water. 

4 / What do you charge to refill candle jars?

Don't throw out your used candle jars! For our local customers (North Alabama & Southern Middle Tennessee), we offer candle refills for 75 cents per ounce. 

5 / Can you find my favorite scent?

Please contact us via our website, phone or email regarding a scent. We will explore our resources and let you know as soon as we can. 

6/ Do you support local fundraisers? 

We have worked with schools, athletics and other organizations to create fundraisers using our products. This process typically works best for our local customers.  For more information, please email or contact via our website. 

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